Growing up in Santa Fe, New Mexico Jayme Kavanaugh was influenced at a young age by a city rich in art and culture.  It wasn’t until high school theatre did Jayme realize her strong skill set of makeup & her fascination of not only color but the importance of light & shadows for the stage.  After taking a film photography course, drawing, & charcoal classes did it become clear that her favorite medium was makeup & her favorite subject the face.

Switching studies from journalism to makeup was made easier after a Los Angeles makeup artist filming close to campus, directed her to renown makeup & hair styling school located in Burbank, CA Makeup Designory ( MUD).  8 months later Jayme shifted her career & moved to Los Angeles, completing her courses at Mud in 2008.

Having great fortune to work under some of LA’s top artists in film & fashion such as Julie Socash, Anthony Merante, Liz Rizzo, Roshar, Veronica Lane, etc. She received positive support to continue her training and desire to excel in men’s grooming & hair styling by going to Barber school in 2013.  After recieving her barber license from John Wesley International, Jayme has focused her attention on the fine details of beauty & men’s grooming for print & commercial.  

She still resides in Los Angeles staying current & growing her knowledge through hair and makeup courses, social media & industry events